Vertical Farming


Multi Level Hydroponic Growing System  




Market forecast


Today's global market in the field of commercial urban agriculture is rapidly expanding,with a 30.7% CAGR in the vertical farming market expected to become a 3.88 B$ by 2020.


This market forecast includes factors such as - Growing mechanism & Functional Device.

 (Hydroponic Components ,Aeroponics , Climate Control ,Sensors ,Lighting)


Urban Commercial Agriculture- main sectors making head way


1- Commercial application of conventional hydroponic technology

2- Artificially lit vertical farming

3- Natural light based vertical farming


AgroFuture solution:

Agrofuture solution and development is focused on optimizing a natural light based multi-level hydroponic growing system.



Multi level system: optimal use of space for high yield ,suited for the urban surroundings characterized by limited space. 


Smart greenhouse: Assimilation of climate control & hydroponic components achieve  High quality of produce, minimizing use of pesticides, Year long harvest.


Natural light: Maximum use of available resources  and saving of operating cost


Efficient irrigation system:  saving 90% of water consumption.


Automation : operation solutions for increased efficiency & labor savings.



Vertical Farming


Multi Level Hydroponic Growing System